Conservation is a story of passionate and committed people able to flourish and deliver.


Today’s rapid environmental and societal change demands flexibility, adaptability and unconventional thinking – and a new approach to leadership.


We are committed to nurturing young talent, entrepreneurial leadership and innovation capable of delivering transformational conservation.


This programme – MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy, has been specifically designed for MAVA partners to combine leadership development with inter-generational exchange. It will equip the participants to lead more effectively within and beyond their organisations. Participants will:

  • increase their ability to lead and collaborate across boundaries
  • stretch their analytical and creative skills – by being exposed to a new approach to innovation
  • grow new networks – by connecting with diverse participants, contributors and speakers
  • explore how to apply what they have learned to their own leadership and in their organization
  • develop greater inter-generational understanding and cooperation
Cohorte 1, 2018, Amman (c) Thibaut Branquart

Practical information

This programme is for both senior and young professionals from all MAVA direct and indirect partners, meaning any organisation that receives directly or indirectly funds from MAVA to implement their work.

It is run by Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring, who we have chosen to work with because they are recognised and applauded experts in their respective fields, leadership development and mentoring.

The next edition will be held in English. Applications will open on 7 April 2020.

Why should you apply? Here is a short film about the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy. You will hear from some of the 2018 participants who share their experiences.

For more insights, read the blog article written by Nathalie Cadot, MAVA Programme Manager.

” Tackling the complex environmental and social challenges we now face, needs passionate, courageous and creative talent and leadership able to energise and reinvigorate conservation.”
Nathalie Cadot, Programme Manager, Impact & Sustainability, MAVA


Today, effective conservation relies on integrated solutions that cover health, development and social justice as well as environment.

Working with existing initiatives that support social enterprise in our focal regions, we are investing in innovation by leaders that reconciles environmental, social and economic objectives. We are also investing to strengthen innovation within the conservation sector by supporting individuals to learn and apply the entrepreneurial approach.

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Our key actions so far


Partnership with +Acumen for promoting the development of entrepreneurial solutions that promote environmental conservation and address problems of poverty. Conservationists, social entrepreneurs, change makers and designers from around the world will join to discover mindsets and methodologies for tackling environmental challenges.

To know more and register to Acumen’s online free six-week course, please click here.

The class starts on 3 March 2020.



Partnership with Impact Hub Switzerland for enabling individuals and startups to prototype and develop innovative solutions contributing to accelerate the transition towards Circular Economy in Switzerland.

To know more about the Circular Economy (CE) Incubator, please click below on the links for each specific city:

Geneva   Lausanne   Bern   Zurich


  • Acumen Fund
  • Common Purpose
  • Impact Hub
  • Mowgli Mentoring

Focus on our partners

MAVA is supporting the Cape Verdian organisation Fundação Maio Biodiversidade (FMB) in two mutually reinforcing ways – by welcoming Rocio and Leno into the Leaders for Nature Academy, and by providing FMB with organisational development through our Impact & Sustainability Unit.

Rocio Moreno & Leno Passos
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Rocio Moreno & Leno Passos

Leadership is about relationships, having respect and listening deeply. And being open with each other has made us much stronger.


Nathalie Cadot

Manager, Impact & Sustainability

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