Resource consumption in Switzerland is high. The country is heavily dependent on imports, and trades primarily with countries that are consumer more natural resources than can be regenerated in their own territory. Transition to a circular economy is a necessity and Switzerland has an opportunity to show leadership.

We aim to reduce the intensity of material and energy production by:

  • preparing the ground for a circular economy by sharing success stories and showing opportunities for new business models
  • building private sector support through business associations and new stakeholder collaboration
  • demonstrating the potential for circular economy in progressive towns and cantons
  • influencing political debate and supporting initiatives for ambitious legislation and regulation that facilitates reduced resource consumption
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  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • SANU
  • Swisscleantech
  • WWF

Focus on one of our partners

At the heart of all our work are passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation.
These inspirational partners are our greatest asset.

Amanda Byrde & Felix Stähli

Amanda Byrde & Felix Stähli

Impact Hub
It’s a pivotal moment for our generation and for humanity. In Switzerland, we’re ‘winners’ of globalisation – with our wealth, our education and our democracy, we need to be courageous and tackle circularity head on.

Annual Budget

MAVA has allocated CHF 1,250,000 annually

The Action Plan annual budget is estimated at CHF 1,950,000

Remaining needs are covered by the OAK Foundation (CHF 500,000), PUSCH (CHF 100,000) and SANU (CHF 100,000)


      Holger Schmid

      Director, Switzerland

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