Controversial Portuguese hydropower plant cancelled

The Portuguese government has recently taken the decision to cancel the Fridão project, a hydropower project close to Amarante. This comes after long-term advocacy work and the #frinão campaign initiated by GEOTA, a Portuguese NGO that MAVA has been supporting for the wise use of the Douro river basin, within the frame of its action plan aiming at supporting integrated management of water basins.

The Fridão project, with two dams of 98 and 34 meters long, would have been built in a seismic active area, 6 kilometres upstream Amarante city. According to the national authorities, in case of collapse, the tsunami would have flooded the city centre in 13 minutes. Furthermore, the project would have contributed to the destruction of unique natural, cultural and historical heritage.

More than 5’500 people participated in the #frinão campaign, and several public figures gave their voices to the cause in two support videos. The campaign had success on social media and also had major national exposure in the main media and on television.

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