Maio Biodiversity Foundation (FMB) is hiring a Programme & Impact Manager, Maio Island, Cape Verde

job title: Programme and Impact Manager, Maio Biodiversity Foundation, Maio Island, Cape Verde

summary: Fundação Maio Biodiversidade/ Maio Biodiversity Foundation (FMB) is the largest wildlife organisation on the island of Maio. It has grown rapidly, and currently has 14 permanent staff working across three programmes: turtle, marine & terrestrial conservation and sustainable development. FMB has an annual turnover of 218.000 euros, underpinned by major grants from the MAVA Foundation, USFWS and Fauna & Flora International, and by close working relationships with the Cape Verdean government, MAVA Foundation and Fauna & Flora International. In this period of growth, FMB are looking to develop internal processes and ensure projects are designed and managed effectively. To this purpose, and as part of a structured organizational development process, FMB are keen to recruit an experienced person as Projects and Impact Manager. This is a new post reporting to the FMB Director and designed to improve working practice across FMB. Funding for this post is secure for one year. Substantial part-funding is available for an additional two years should the post and further fundraising prove successful.

job description:  here

application deadline: 31 January 2019

link: FMB are currently updating their website. Please visit them on facebook:

submit application to: 

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