Developing conservation leadership in Africa

With the ever-increasing environmental challenges facing the African continent and its wildlife, it has become progressively important for conservation organisations to equip their staff with the skills needed to tackle the demands ahead. With this in mind, MAVA is committed to supporting the development of passionate, professional and creative talent and leadership, in particular in Africa.

The Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), based in South Africa, equips people with the qualifications, practical experience, and thought leadership to manage complex ecosystems, conserve wildlife, and empower local communities. Thanks to a recent seed funding from MAVA, the College has been able to significantly increase its Sustainability Fund and thereby its activities. This means that the College will now be able to provide top of the line leadership training to an increased number of students and reinforce the development of a new generation of managers and conservationists in Africa. As MAVA President André Hoffmann said, “We hope our seed funding to the SAWC’s endowment will inspire other donors and the SAWC’s supporters to engage in their sustainability journey”.

In addition, taking example on MAVA’s Leaders for Nature Academy, the College will also test an African Intergenerational Leadership hub to identify and develop young conservation professionals and community leaders.

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