Conference gathers all European Vulture experts in Portugal

Across the globe populations of vultures are under extreme pressure from multiple threats such as illegal wildlife poisoning, electrocution and collision with cables. In Africa and Asia vultures are declining fast or have become extremely rare. In contrast, today the populations of Europe’s Bearded, Cinereous and Griffon Vultures are increasing and expanding their range after decades of decline and regional extinctions, to the point that Europe is now considered the ‘Vulture Continent’.

In October 2019, the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) will be bringing together scientists, conservationists and the public for four days in the Algarve, Portugal for an international congress looking at the latest research and conservation of vultures in Europe and beyond. VCF is currently putting the finishing touches to the programme and will be opening the abstract submission process in the coming weeks, and opening registration within the next month. But until then, mark your diaries for the European Vulture Conference, 1-4 October 2019.

The conference is included in MAVA’s Action Plan for Threatened Birds and will consist of three days of presentations, discussions and workshops followed by a field trip on the fourth day. It will take place in the NAU Salgados Palace, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal. Keep an eye on #Vultures2019 on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn over the coming weeks for some of the key announcements for the European Vulture Conference.

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