New Circular Economy movement launched in Switzerland

In recent years, circular economy projects have started to pop up all around Switzerland. Private companies are also pursuing the objective of making the Swiss economy more circular through creative solutions and innovative initiatives. Now is the time to bring together the many actors and activities, to exploit synergies and to give a new impetus to the circular economy in Switzerland.

With this objective, a group of organisations (Ecos, Swiss Economic Forum, Yodel, Pusch, Sanu Durabilitas, Impact Hub in Switzerland and Circular Hub) got together under the name “Circular Economy Switzerland“. Supported by MAVA and the Swiss fund ‘Engagement Migros’ , the group aims to play a key role in boosting circular economy in Switzerland and to act as a platform for coordination and exchange on circular economy initiatives. This is a powerful move towards a resource efficient Swiss economy.

Read more about the movement which was officially launched on 5 February 2019 in Basel (in French) here and about how MAVA is working towards accelerating circular economy practice in Switzerland here.

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