MAVA expresses its gratitude to Antonio Araujo on his retirement

Antonio Araujo, Manager in MAVA’s West Africa Programme, has just retired after nearly 20 years with MAVA/FIBA.

Antonio has been an integral part of MAVA, in charge of implementing our strategic work on protected areas and biodiversity conservation in West Africa, and a pillar in the foundation’s work in the region. He has been a much-appreciated colleague and friend to all MAVA staff and partners.

A professional ornithologist, Antonio began his career with the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment where he coordinated national bird ringing and was often involved in conservation research. His first experience of field work in West Africa came in 1990, evaluating the ornithological importance of the Cufada lagoons in Guinea-Bissau. In 1994, he was awarded the BP Conservation Expedition Award, and in 1995, the Nature Conservation Award by the Portuguese organisation ‘Quercus’. Between 1996 and 1999, he then helped set-up a marine protected area network in Guinea-Bissau with IUCN, and in 1999, he joined FIBA, supporting the Banc d’Arguin National Park in Mauritania until 2015 when he became part of MAVA’s team. Antonio is also a founding member of the Portuguese Ornithological Society (SPEA).

MAVA expresses its deep gratitude to Antonio for his long-lasting contribution and dedication to the conservation of biodiversity over so many years. We wish him every success in his new life as an independent consultant.

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