MAVA commits to supporting marine biodiversity over the next 5 years

Within the frame of the Ocean Conference taking place in Malta on 5/6 October 2017, we announce a 70 million Euro commitment over the next 5 years to the conservation of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Basin and in West Africa for the benefit of people and nature. More specifically, MAVA will provide 12 million to reduce environmental impacts of plastic pollution and oil and gas activities; 7 million to stimulate a blue economy focusing on coastal infrastructure development; 28 million to support sustainable fisheries for the benefit of local livelihoods and biodiversity; and 28 million to promote MPAs as a tool for protecting marine species, habitats and fish resources.

This is a continuation et reaffirmation of MAVA’s long-lasting engagement in favor of coastal and marine biodiversity, especially in the Mediterranean and West Africa.

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