We’re a community of progressive companies who recognise their role in creating a healthy environment and a prosperous society, and who realise their businesses will only thrive if we change the way we use resources. Society and government need to set boundaries for the use of common resources like clean air and water. Within those boundaries, companies should have the freedom to do what they like, without harming the environment.  Dr Christian Zeyer, Managing Director, swisscleantech

Building consensus

Pursuing a science-based mission for change, swisscleantech invites new members to sign up to a ten-point charter. This boldly declares the association ‘defends the interests of the green economy’ which can sometimes create tension between members.

Picking up the baton of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the national level, swisscleantech helps shape legislative proposals that work for economy, environment and society.

Hive construction in Ikea furniture (c) IKEA

We mediate across sectors and broker political and scientific consensus. Member ‘focus groups’ develop our positions. Some members may not like the overall stance we take but they tolerate it because they’re pioneers who stand for the common good, even if all their interests aren’t met.  Dr Christian Zeyer, Managing Director, swisscleantech

(c) Solar Impulse / Jean Revillard

Voting for change

Contributing to a favourable referendum result on Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050 which promotes increased investment in renewable energy, a phase out of nuclear power and an end to subsidies, swisscleantech has helped put things on the right track.

And the association’s green economy election campaign in 2016, ‘Yes to Innovation’, which mobilised SMEs and big international companies like IKEA and Schneider Electric, made the case for innovation and sustainable production, significantly shaping public debate.

There are lots of new business models and opportunities around energy storage and solar. We need to completely reorganise the power market, and the ‘green economy’ must be kept separate from the left-right political divide. It’s critical we tell a positive story.  Dr Christian Zeyer, Managing Director, swisscleantech

Advancing a resource efficient and circular economy in Switzerland

In the conservative Swiss context, swisscleantech offers a progressive business voice in support of increased investment in renewable energy, reorganisation of the power market and sustainable resource use – all vital for achieving MAVA’s mission. Read more about MAVA’s Action Plan on this subject.

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