EU bans bee-harming pesticides

The EU recently agreed to ban the world’s most widely used insecticides – neonicotinoids – from all fields due to their serious danger for bees.

Since their approval at EU-level in the 1990’s, neonicotinoids have been largely proven to harm honey bees, other pollinators and the environment as a whole. The high risk results from any outdoor use, because the pesticides contaminate soil and water. This leads to the pesticides appearing in wildflowers or succeeding crops. The EU decision recognises these dangers, which finally protects all bees.

MAVA has been supporting the work of Pesticide Action Network Europe (a network of NGOs working to reduce the use of hazardous pesticides and have them replace with ecologically sound alternatives) on this subject for several years and congratulates the organisation for its intensive action in favour of bee conservation.

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