A ray of hope for the monk seal

Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, Fondation Segré, Fondation Sancta Devota, Fondation Thalassa, MAVA (c) WWF Greece

At the 5th International Conference of Marine Protected Areas for Marine Mammals (ICMMPA) recently held in Greece, five foundations (the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Segré Foundation, the Sancta Devota Foundation, the Thalassa Foundation and MAVA) committed themselves to the preservation of the Mediterranean monk seal by forming the ‘Monk Seal Alliance’.

The monk seal is a particularly vulnerable emblematic species – categorised as ‘endangered’ in IUCN’s red list – and has been identified as a priority species in  MAVA’s strategy for many years. This new alliance will strengthen actions throughout the species’ range for the conservation of the monk seal, whose population is currently estimated at around 800 individuals.

The alliance will bring together experts and donors (foundations and donor agencies) to better coordinate the actions of monk seal conservation specialists in the field and increase their scope and impact.

Paule Gros, Director of MAVA’s Mediterranean Programme, emphasizes that “The Alliance does not have vocation to be/remain a closed partnership. We would gladly welcome the participation of other funders with similar interest, values and spirit of collaboration.”

Mediterranean Monk seal distribution:

Monk seal distribution

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